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2022 Impact Report

Welcome to our Impact Report. We're #PrimientProud to announce our first-year results and look forward to sharing more about our sustainability journey here.

Read our 2022 Impact Report Here!


Our Report Foundations

In 2022, we established the foundations of our Sustainability program as a new standalone business.


With input from across the business and in alignment with leading sustainability programs and partners, we developed a future-focused roadmap supporting key pillars of our business and value chain:


  • Building a more resilient corn supply chain from the ground up through our sustainable agriculture program 
  • Supporting material carbon reduction in our plants through investment and continuous improvement 
  • Leading a zero-harm culture for every employee
  • Living our core values of safety, integrity, excellence, and growth in our facilities and out in the communities we call home 


Our report tells the story of this work and how we'll continue to build on it.


2022 Sustainability Milestones



Celebrating our Progress and People

Our report is a celebration of our work today and the people who are helping us to create postive and lasting change for the future. We wanted our people and their work to take center stage within the report - together we are #PrimientProud as we support a more sustainble future for our people, partners, and communities.



We’re committed to making an impact.



Our people, partners and communities are at the heart of what we do.


How we do business matters.


And, we're not done yet! We're continuing to develop our sustainability plans and progress for 2023 and beyond so keep coming back to read our stories and learn more!

Report Highlights: Read on to learn more about...

  • Our continued commitment to sustainable agriculture, which includes enrolling all of our purchased corn acres in a sustainable agriculture program that has driven change on the field since 2019
  • How we’ve made significant investments in our plants to use less carbon intensive fuels, driving our carbon emissions down 38% since 2014
  • Our joint venture partnership in Loudon, Tennessee which brings our products from the field to the consumer sustainably, and offers less carbon intensive polymers to be used in shoes, fabrics, personal care products, and more.
  • How the water used in our plants is recirculated many times before its discharged, reducing our overall water impact; and how we are finding creative solutions to keep our waste out of landfills.
  • Our firm commitment to fostering a zero-harm culture
  • How we’re living our core values of safety, excellence, integrity, and growth to enrich lives through plant-based solutions
  • The important role that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging plays in our business and how we’re activating our vision through our employee resource groups
  • The way we engage with the communities in which we live and work, ensuring fuller plates for all, learning for life, and a more sustainable future
  • Our emphasis on ensuring everything we do is ethical and upholds our reputation as a good corporate citizen
  • The way we understand, respond to, and manage risk across our organization